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About Us

Marissa & Jojo Feliciano
On our honeymoon, we brought one camera: our first DSLR. We fought over it the entire time, arguing over what pictures to take. When we returned, we started hanging out with our wedding photographer. He said “you know, you have any eye for photography. You should really try it out.” We shadowed him for a couple of weddings and loved it. After that, we were both hooked.

We think the best photography makes you feel a connection with the images, engaging you on an emotional level. That can only happen when we take a photo that captures authentic interactions, and the unique qualities that make each relationship spark.

We are San Diego-based wedding photographers, but we don’t just cover weddings and engagements – we shoot what we love. We’ve covered competitive Ping-Pong tournaments, and last year we shot instructional photos for a martial arts book. Recently, we were among the professional photographers covering ComiCon. We hope you live long and prosper.


Fun Facts about Marissa and Jojo, According to Marissa and Jojo

On Teaming Up with Wedding Photography

Jojo. Three years of doing weddings. We’ve got our game plan down.

Marissa. Jojo takes care of a lot of the technical work. Sometimes all I have to do is point at something with my eyebrows, and  Jojo knows exactly what to do! Eyebrows can communicate a lot.


On How They Met

Jojo. We met because I tagged along on a family vacation to Disney World with my best friend,  who happened to be Marissa’s cousin. We were driving from Jersey to Florida, and Marissa was in the car with us.

Marissa. I stayed up to talk to him while he was driving the night shift, and it was like we were always friends. But, I had a boyfriend at the time…

Jojo. Three years later…

Marissa. Jojo sent me a snowboard – out of the blue. This guy I hadn’t talked to in three years. It just so happened that I needed a snowboard, so I called to thank him…it was kind of awkward. But, within a few months, I bought a ticket to New Jersey.

Jojo. Guess who doesn’t like to snowboard anymore?

Marissa. Wait, that’s you!

Jojo. It hurts too much; my backside doesn’t like it.


On Their Engagement

Marissa. While we were in Oahu for my cousin’s wedding, Jojo proposed. He made a speech with really sweet words, and gave me this ring – it’s a super simple silver ring. Then he told me how he got it. He found an old pre-1965 quarter, drilled down the middle, sanded it, and hammered away at it every moment I wasn’t at home. It took him a long time to make. A hundred-thousand dollar diamond couldn’t compare to that.


On Life

Marissa. Jojo’s a homebody. We hang out and watch TV and enjoy our house. Me, I’m more of an extrovert. I have a million hobbies. I’m into Filipino martial arts, I box, I run, I work out, I go dancing…

Jojo. I do that too, but I do it on the Wii.


On the Biz

Marissa & Jojo Feliciano
We love to shoot anywhere and everywhere, so ask us! We are based in San Diego County, but for other Southern California locations and beyond we do ask for travel costs. We’ve shot weddings in Big Sur, Cabo San Lucas, and Zihuatanejo. Destination weddings are terrific, and we want to do more of them.

Our photography blends photojournalism  and portrait photography, because sometimes the best pictures come from being that candid camera documenting the day, and other times our first priority is to create an editorial-style photo that is as beautiful as possible.

When the bride and groom see the joy and happiness in the faces of their guests, we think it adds to their whole experience. We’ll pop up to take a picture in the middle of a guest’s gut-busting laugh. That’s the best. Weddings offer so many interesting interactions: there are boisterous people constantly at the center of attention, but sometimes we’ll catch the quiet ones having a moment with another guest, or with the bride. It’s all about waiting, hunting, and a little stalking.


On the Couples they take pictures of – You Guys!

Our couples have a great sense of humor. We’re just lucky that it works out that way. They usually get our jokes, and they can laugh at themselves, which is great because we laugh at ourselves all the time.

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Amy Kotlarz Hi! We are coming from the east coast to marry at the beautiful Paion Estate in Big Sur, CA. The date is Friday, October 12, 2012 in the late afternoon/evening. We would need a photographer for ~ 6-8 hours. I love the type of pictures you took for Kate and Roger. Artful, capturing emotion and movement, candids. Love that style! Look forward to hearing from you. My number is 501-251-7500.


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